Promises to Keep

Fearless Women, Book 2

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Can love heal a wounded heart?

Felicity Allen is the darling of audiences all over Europe, but she is deeply scarred by what she has endured. In her world, trusting a man is not an option, not even one as attractive and charming as Count Maximilian Berg. And yet, she finds his strength and tenderness—and his ideals—captivating and impossible to resist.

Count Maximilian Berg has his own ghosts, but his focus is on secretly paving the way for greater freedom for Austria. When he meets Felicity, his desire for her is immediate, but he soon recognizes that he wants to cherish her, not seduce her, and that he must earn her trust so that she will believe him.

As the revolution of 1848 holds Vienna in its grip, they struggle to find their way to each other in a world gone awry, where danger and betrayal lurk everywhere. Will they survive, and, if they do, will they be able to escape the past and build a future together?