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Fearless Women, Book 1

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How do you prove that love is not a myth?

That is the challenge facing adventurous English aristocrat Arabella Douglas when she falls in love with Count Ferdinand “Nando” Berg, a cynical, bitter man who has been betrayed too often to believe in love. But Arabella is willing to bet her heart and her happiness that she can change his mind.

When Nando meets the audacious, outspoken Arabella, he knows she is everything he wants but never hoped to find. He yearns to believe that her candor and innocent passion are authentic, but can a distrustful, hard-hearted man learn to love again?

As the two circle each other in a seductive dance full of sizzling sensuality and enthralling emotion, Arabella makes every effort to convince Nando that the future is something to believe in. Soon, though, their blossoming relationship is jeopardized as they are plunged into the midst of political intrigue at the Congress of Vienna. Treachery and deception threaten not only the couple’s new-found love, but their very lives, as they struggle to discern what is real and what is an illusion.