Tapestry of Dreams

Fearless Women, Book 4

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Her touch had healed his body. Will his love heal her soul?

Rescued from a disabling injury by a tender caregiver, Theo von Berg burns for vengeance and to free his abducted lover from captivity. But what—or who—does he really desire?

Julie Muromsky is a healer who cannot mend her own troubled heart. Desperate to get away—anywhere—she agrees to accompany Theo on his dangerous mission for revenge with no idea of what awaits her. And unaware of the secret Theo is keeping from her.

The intimacy of their journey has them succumbing to temptation—or is it love?

When they arrive in Russia on the brink of the Crimean War, nothing is as they expected. Danger lurks everywhere, and Theo vows he will do anything to keep Julie safe. But is it enough to give them a future together?