Tapestry of Fate

Fearless Women, Book 2

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One night of passion sealed their fate forever.

Countess Irina Chernova is a young, dreamy girl desperate for affection. Prince Alexei Muromsky is on his way to a dangerous exile—an exile he may not survive. Can they be faulted for making a reckless decision?

When they unexpectedly meet two years later, Irina has matured into an aloof, self-possessed woman and is married to Alexei’s old friend and mentor. The intoxicating night they spent together is still a vivid memory, but in all other ways, they have become strangers.

After Irina’s husband dies, it seems like fate is offering them a second chance. But Alexei is embroiled in a risky conspiracy to free Russia from tyranny. When the rebellion is crushed and Alexei arrested, Irina engineers a daring prison escape to save the life of the man she loves. Will their treacherous flight through the snow-swept Russian countryside, pursued by the Secret Police, be the beginning of a life together or the end of an ill-fated passion?