Life without pockets is HARD, and that is just one way that women have been discriminated against across centuries. I have lived pocketless over large stretches of my life, conforming to fashion.

No more. Now that I spend my days in front of a computer and rarely see people except on Skype, I have spent this winter with all of my soft, fuzzy sweaters tucked away in a drawer because… wait for it… they have no pockets.

So, I’ve spent this winter wearing short-sleeved T-shirts and fleece jackets that have lovely deep pockets for cell phone, Kleenex, and anything else I might need to cart around. Not sure what I’m going to do when summer temperatures hit…

This fascinating video clip gives you a history of the pocket, the difference between men’s and women’s pockets, and how women are finally coming into their own as far as pockets are concerned.